First blog ever people!  Here we go……

What can I tell you about this job…….It’s busy.  We’re always running around doing something or going somewhere.  We make people happy with food!  Really good food too, and I’m not just saying that because I work here.  Our tag line is, “We love what we do and it shows“.  It doesn’t get any more accurate than that.  This is a happy place!  I feel like our employees really like to come here.   Great Circle Catering has been around for over 8 years now and we are growing fast.  We are located on Pease AFB in Portsmouth NH.  and cater everything from Corporate Breakfasts/Lunches, Weddings, Rehearsal Dinners,  Bar Mitzvahs,  Birthdays, Baby Showers, Marketing Events,  Graduations,  Personal Bar Services, Anniversaries, Fund Raisers, Employee Appreciation, etc….I could go on and on…  People can always find an excuse to get together and we are right here to feed them!

The GM, Mike Murphy, is a great guy and treats people with respect and I really think that trickles down the food chain…..did you see what I did there?  He likes his job, knows everything about food and works really hard so we happily follow his lead.  Kaitlyn Wharf is our Events Coordinator and she is amazing at her job!  She always finds a way to go above and beyond for our customers.  From something simple like a candle to something more like Flowers & Champagne, she always strives to throw in something a little extra to make the event more special.  Our customers really appreciate that and so do we.  Another member of our team is Linda Cirinna, who is our Accountant but is also a great food tester for new menu items and can help pull together a function if she is needed.   Our kitchen staff is beyond talented!  James, Mary and Abdul are true rock stars in the kitchen.  The knowledge, talent and finesse that is that team makes the food that comes out of our kitchen fit for a King!  Too much?  OK, they rock!  We love them!

And then there’s me……Sally McCaffrey.   I am the Sales part of this team and I work hard to get our name recognized using social media, face to face meetings, social networking clubs and now……BLOGGING!    And if you are reading this, you are looking at our brand new website!  Yaaaaaaaaay!  I hope you like it!

As I mentioned, we are growing fast that we just hired 6 more employees to join this team and we are SO HAPPY to have them!

Well, that’s all for now, just a general overview of what we do and who we are.  I will try and blog once or twice a week and keep you abreast of the goings on here at GCC!  I hope you’ll follow me!  Any and all feedback is greatly welcomed!

Sally M

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