20181021_133333TGIF said NO ONE in the restaurant industry……….harrumph!  But what a week we had here at GCC!  It started on Sunday with our very first maiden voyage in our brand spanking new food truck!  The Daily Press!~  It was a great day.  And cold.  Did I mention cold?!  Mary and Bonnie set off like champs!  It was like they had been doing this all their lives!  Kait was the “Hostess with the Mostest” in front of the truck greeting and thanking everyone for their business.  Our customers had many trucks to chose from and it meant a lot that they picked ours as one of their choices.  We served our AWARD WINNING Grilled Reuben Egg Rolls & Bacon Pork Belly Egg Rolls.  We also served our new Buffa-O’s which were a huge hit!  These are big onion rings dipped in Buffalo Sauce and drizzled with blue cheese crumbles.  Man, those were good!  Our last item was a Stromboli Grilled Panini that rocked everyone’s world!  It was filled with italian cold cuts, carmalized onions, mushrooms, black olives and cheese served hot off the panini press!  What was I doing on the truck you ask?  Taste tasting?  Getting in the way a little bit…..but I had to be there to witness such a first for us!  Now that we got our first trial run out of the way, it’s off to the Navy Ship Yard on Monday!  We will be serving those fine folks breakfast lunch and dinner all winter.  Bring it on!  We are psyched!  We LOVE what we do!  Does it show!?  I think it does!

Speaking of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.  Aside from all of our customer deliveries this week, and there were many, we managed to fill a last minute order for our troops.  189 men and women were stranded in the airport here at Pease and we were able to feed them 3 meals on Wednesday and breakfast before they took off on Thursday morning.  You got to love those Pease Greeters who welcome our troops with open arms and take care of them like they were their own family.  They jump right in line with us and help serve, clean up, set up, whatever it is we or they need, they are there.  The Greeters are special people!  If you have never been to the airport to participate in a ceremony, I highly recommend it.  It’s humbling really.  It means so much to the men and women who are getting off that plane in a foreign place.  If you want to help, The Greeters depend on donations of water, candy, stuffed animals (for their kids), blankets, snacks, etc.    They have welcomed over 1500 flights and greeted over 590,000 troops since 2005.  https://www.peasegreeters.org/

Well it’s Friday and I am lucky enough to be going home now so I will say goodbye.  Until my next blog!  To quote Ellen, “Be kind to one another!”  and have a great weekend!

Sally M



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