GCC Fleet 10To quote Kaitlyn Wharf, our Events Coordinator/Account Manager Extraordinaire…….and she is right.  Our phones have not stopped and it’s only Tuesday!  “Can you prepare lunch for 40 ppl tomorrow?”  “Yes we can.”  “How about set up a hot meal for 50 at another company at the same time”?  “Love to!”  “And can you please prepare and serve lunch for 3 other companies, prep and shop for ingredients for tomorrow, take a Serve Safe Class and box up dry packs for all orders?”  “Why yes…..yes we can!”

It’s 9AM on Tuesday and our breakfast deliveries have gone out so we call this time the calming before the storm…..and Oh how we love to deliver in the rain!  But we LOVE the job!  The hustle and bustle of it all when everything has to go out at the same time to different jobs in different cars with different drivers.  The best part of it all is when we come back to the office and all is calm again and assure Mike that all of our customers are happy!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  “We LOVE What We Do & It Shows!”  Hard working, dedicated, proud employees all with the same mentality and working towards the same goal!  To make this company great-er!  Yup, a little bias on my part.GCC Fleet 8

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