It’s finally time to move those snow boots into the back of the closet and break out your sandals! What is it about the warm sun on your skin that puts people in a good mood? Brides are planning their weddings from their holiday engagements and parents start planning graduation parties for their graduates! Don’t forget Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Easter! That’s a lot of things to celebrate this time of year and food plays a pivotal part of it all. There is the planning of the menu, the invitations, the RSVP’s, picking the venue, flowers, drinks………it can be exhausting but a labor of love nonetheless.

If you are responsible for hosting an event, then you need to realize that the food is generally the most important part of your job. Remember to provide food for vegetarians, special diet needs and sometimes you’ll need to accommodate different cultures.

But it’s not just the type of food you serve. It is also very important to remember that “Presentation is everything!” My mother instilled that phrase into my brain as a girl who always wanted to help her plan her holiday parties and bridge night gatherings. As a young adult, I tended bar at a local restaurant chain. The restaurant wasn’t anything fancy, just a neighborhood pub, but the food was decent and the price was right. We had many regular customers but there was one woman who I do remember well. Reluctantly I actually learned something from her. I can’t remember her name but at least once a week she would sit down at my bar and enjoy a very cold dry vodka martini. After perusing the menu she would order her dinner and insist that we serve it to her on a “white plate.” Now, roll your eyes if you will, God knows we did, but if you think about it, she was right! The chef’s used to serve their food on “Fiestawear” plates rotating the colors of Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Green, and white and I promise you, a piece of Haddock or a juicy steak always did look more appealing on a white plate which highlighted the entree and let the food stand out.p

Just a few tips to help you get through the spring season cookouts and social gatherings. It’s a lot of work but in the end, after you finally sit down and enjoy a glass of wine and banter with your guests, it’s worth it.

OR, you can always hire a caterer to alleviate all the stress of planning, cooking, presentation and cleaning up. Just sayin……

Happy Spring!

Sally McCaffrey

Great Circle Catering

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