March 22, 2020

If you’re at all like me this social distancing can get old real fast.  I know, I know, it’s necessary right now if we want to help control the spread of this Corona Virus but sometimes, I still complain.  I’m a social person!  I like to be around my coworkers and my friends.  I enjoy their company and want to spend time with them. 

In the Catering business we spend a lot of time planning.  Planning a menu for a corporate luncheon/meeting or planning a wedding menu we are using our time being creative and find ourselves looking forward to executing the actual event(s).  We run around.  Literally, run…. around.  We run up the stairs, down the stairs, back up the stairs…. we run to the grocery store for supplies, run out the door with a delivery or run across the parking lot to pick up a delivery slip that the wind took out of our hands while loading a car.  Lots of running!  But right now….. we sit.  And I don’t like it one little bit!  I sit at the computer, then I sit on the couch watching the television…. I don’t want to sit.  If you’re like me this quarantine is getting old real fast. 

SO, I came up with a list of things that I’ve done or plan on doing to help be productive and make the time go by.  Feel free to steal some of my ideas if it helps with your own sanity. 

  1.  Clean the dreaded basement or attic.  This I’ve done already but it was no easy feat.  The amounts of bins of Christmas decorations alone were enough to take over half of the basement.
  •  Us the “Touch it Once” rule.  I love this rule!  I read about it in a magazine once and try to incorporate it into my life.  If you pick something up, you “own it”.  You must now put it in its place.  You can’t pick it up, put it down somewhere and say to yourself, I’ll put that upstairs where it belongs later.  Touch it, put it where it belongs. 
  • Cook!  Make a big red sauce that you can freeze when it’s done.  Add some meatballs and sausage to make it nice and hearty.   Or a Soup/Chili that will warm your bones on this chilly day!
  • Set up a facetime chat with your relatives/friends!  You can do it right through Facebook Messenger.  Just click on the symbol that looks like a video camera and add your guests in from there.  Very easy!
  • Clean your cabinet and drawers.  Just do one or two a day so you don’t overwhelm yourself.   And it is Spring already so bring out those spring clothes and get them ready to wear!  Start a “Good Will” boxes.  One for clothes and one for household items.  It feels good to purge and even better to help someone who might need it.  One mans trash is another man’s treasure!
  • Plan your wedding, Family Reunion, Big Birthday Bash!  Now is the time to sit down, make a guest list, seating arrangement or vision board!  This will all pass and you will be ahead of the game when it’s all over!
  • Challenge your family to a game!  My personal favorite is Rummy 500!  “Rummy on the board!”  Break out the Monopoly or the Scategories game, pop some popcorn and have a ball!
  • Organize your contacts, your computer pictures, your files.  Now is the time to get this stuff done while you’re not working. 
  1. GET UP AND EXERCISE!  Every day, go for a walk/run, turn on a streaming work out video or chase the dog around.  We may not all come out of this fit as a fiddle but we don’t want to come out twice the size we were when it all started.

Post some replies on this blog as to what you are doig to keep busy.  We could all use the advice and need some ideas!

Stay healthy all of you!

Sally McCaffrey

Great Circle Catering

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